May 27, 2022

UAE raises fuel prices for March 2022

Zainab Mansoor

The UAE has raised fuel prices for March 2022.

The price of Super 98 is set to rise 9.8 per cent to Dhs3.23 per litre, from Dhs2.94 in February.

Additionally, the price for Special 95 will increase to Dhs3.12 per litre, surging 10.6 per cent from Dhs2.82 this month.

The UAE fuel committee also raised the price for diesel to Dhs3,19 per litre from Dhs2.88 in February.

Meanwhile, 91 E-plus will cost Dhs3.05 next month, up from Dhs2.75 this month.

Brent crude spiked to more than $105 a barrel on Thursday after Russia begun its attack on Ukraine. It later pared most of its gains after President Joe Biden said the US was working with major consuming nations to coordinate a release of strategic petroleum reserves, while continuing to spare Russian energy supplies from sanctions.

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and its partners meet on Wednesday to decide production targets for April.

With inputs from Bloomberg

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