June 16, 2021

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5 free workspaces in the UAE when your home just doesn’t cut it

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The Covid-19 pandemic has instilled a renewed sense of appreciation for new spaces, having spent a sizable portion of the last year sequestered.

Remote working, while carrying immense benefits, also warrants a change in scene, other than the confines of one’s home.

Here’s a list of a few places across the UAE that one can feel invigorated, get the job done, and leave feeling inspired.  What’s more, they come free!

1. A4 Space

The A4 Space, located in Al Serkal Avenue, is a co-working space open to everyone. It offers two floors of working space visitors can take advantage of as well as a small café to grab coffee and snacks. This not-for-profit space also features a cinema room and a loft library space.

2. Jameel Arts Centre

Jameel Arts Centre is not only a gallery space but also offers working spaces. Visitors can sit on the tables by the water outside or amongst the archives and work. Jameel Arts Centre also features a coffee shop which couples as a souvenir shop with lots of goodies. You must book your slot to get a seat at the library.

3. House of Wisdom

House of Wisdom, located in Sharjah, is a beautiful library that is entirely free to use. Visitors can choose from two floors as well as little reading nooks to work from and can also buy coffee and snacks from the café. The option to book a meeting rooms is also there, which comes with a fee.


4. Al Safa Art & Design Library

This minimalist library has been open since 1989 and was recently renovated as part of the UAE National Strategy for Reading. Visitors can come work in this open-layout library, read the books, and use one of the many iMacs available.

5. Foundry

Foundry describes itself as a “hybrid progressive art space founded as a response to the evolving cultural scene in the UAE.” The space itself features a podcast studio, project room, art gallery, café, and of course, co-working space.

You can find this art space in Downtown Dubai on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard.


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